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License Plate Inventory System

License Plate Inventory System

License Plate Inventory System

System Features

LPI Tracker® Standard Features


  • Manual Entry of all overnight plates using handheld

  • No complicated, expensive, proprietary system components.

  • Developed with industry-standard Microsoft®.Net, SQL

  • Server, Windows Mobile and Crystal Reporting technologies.

  • Current inventory reporting by Plate, by Lot/Plate, by Selected

  • Lots, by State and many more.

  • Export reports to PDF, XLS

  • Inventory Car Count History lookup

  • Plate maintenance and lookup with Rate Calculations

  • User Security and roles

  • Location and Rate Maintenance (Areas, Lots and Rows)

  • Plate Tracking: Stolen vehicles, Amber alerts, etc.


LPI Tracker® Pro Features


  • All of the Standard Features are included

  • Location mapping - setup custom space maps to allow the handheld to store the current inventory. Allows for quicker data input, where inventory associates can choose to “Keep”or “Empty” spaces without rekeying plate information.

  • Inventory Input options for either Handheld mobile devices or Windows Tablets.  (Tablet option offers vehicle mounts and voice recognition input for inventory employees.)

  • Vehicle mounts are easily adapted into most vehicles without having to drill and are flexible enough with the dual swing arms and adjustable heights.

LPI Tracker® - Report Listing

Current Inventory Reports:

By Plate

By Area, Plate

By Lot, Plate

By State, Plate

By Selected Lot, Plate


Tracked Plates

Combined Areas

Rate Stratification

Abandonded Inventory

City/County Detail (where applicable)

City/County summary (where applicable)

Previous Inventories

Vehicle Counts by User

Vehicle Counts by User Detail - Timestamp entry info


Export Current and Historical Inventories


All reports can be exported to CSV, PDF from the report viewer for easy to email and data sharing.

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