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License Plate Inventory System

License Plate Inventory System

License Plate Inventory System


A high performance unmanned license plate camera (LPR camera) that truly is on the move. Today’s markets demand hardware and software solutions that can read license plates while the camera itself is in motion. Up until now, with no reliable way to trigger, the processing power needed for these applications ranged from immense to non-existent. With its revolutionary software based triggering algorithm, compact size, discreet design and the world’s most sophisticated ANPR engine.

Ask us about how we can integrate our camera technology into your facility along with our user-friendly LPI Tracker® software.


LPR Tracker®

LPR Tracker® extends the current handhled operation to include one or more cameras to capture license plates.  Cameras can be integrated into vehicles or entry/exit locations.  Our system can be used in a variety of configurations which allows maximum efficiency and operation.

LPR Tracker® easily integrates into our latest version of handheld and client software.  

LPR Tracker® - LPN Camera


  • Reads license plates from moving vehicles

  • Ideal for toll collection, police applications and parking enforcement

  • Patrol car, roadside, entry/exit and gate mounting

  • Quick and easy installation with single cable connection

  • Easy pan/tilt and external mounting on any vehicle

  • Simple integration into the LPI/LPR Tracker® software

  • IP67 rated durable weather-proof housing

  • Generates ONVIF certified MJPEG videos or JPEG still image outputs


  • Resolution (H × V pixels) 1280 × 720

  • Sensor Global shutter, color CCD

  • Max Frame Rate (at all resolution) 30 frames/sec

  • Output Format JPEG, MJPEG stream, H.264

  • Day/Night Mode Configurable day/night mode switching


  • Power requirement POE+

  • Power Consumption 14 – 25 W


  • Operating Temperature: -22 °F to 131 °F

  • Startup Temperature: -4 °F

  • IP rating: IP 67 Dimensions (L × W × H) 7.2” × 6.3” × 2.2”

  • Weight (without bracket) 3.1 lbs.

  • Weight (bracket) 0.9 lbs.

  • Housing Material Aluminum

  • Housing Color RAL 9007 / Optional

  • Custom Shield Color RAL 9007 / Optional Custom

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